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Trayvon and Todd

I really don’t have much to say in our national conversation about race after the George Zimmerman trial, and I think that’s good. You see, I can’t get it. I can’t possibly understand the racial reaction.

I grew up in a white school, in a white suburb when Grand Rapids, like Detroit and Newark, were being […]

DOMA and the Church

Perhaps you have watched the news about the Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (giving federal benefits to gay marriages in states that allow them) and seen a man in a collar decrying our descent into Sodom and Gomorrah. Or maybe you have read an article that explains the biblical position as […]

Sermon 2/10/2008

Relational Kinks      Matthew 6:7-15

 We have all done it.  It often happens when we are in a hurry.  There we were watering the garden or washing the car, pressed for time and when we pressed the hose– nothing.  Ugh!  What’s wrong?!  Then it soon dawned upon us that there was a kink in the hose.  Tracing […]

Sermon 2/3/2008

Given God’s Prayer Promises,   Mark 11:20-25

Why does Prayer Go Unanswered?

Think of a BIG prayer that you’ve been praying. For: healing, depression, money Got it? Then hear Jesus say… This sweeping prayer promise moves mountains!

Yet, even though Jesus promises such sweeping power to prayer, why do certain prayers go unanswered? Moses prayed to enter the […]

Sermon 1/20/2008

 From a Distance  John 1:29-34; I Cor. 1:1-3
 We were with Natsuko’s family in Japan on vacation several years back and I had a free day.  So I decided to do something I hadn’t done in years: climb, more like hike, up a mountain.   Mass transit took me to it’s midpoint, and above that I climbed railroad […]

Sermon 1/13/2008

Why Keep On Praying?  Unraveling the Mysteries      Luke 18:1-8

Why keep on praying?
One day a father had two agenda items for his sunny afternoon:
rake and parent his toddler–two things which don’t always go together.
So Dad was in the backyard with a rake and the toddler who watching the rake move-ments kept saying, I do!  I do!  […]

Sermon 1/6/2008

What is Prayer?  Keeping Company with God              Psalm 85 During Epiphany season we let God’s light warm our passion through a religious bestseller.  This year in sermon and small group we are studying Prayer by Philip Yancey.  Yancey begins his study of Prayer by asking what is […]

From the Pastor – January

Want to start the new year in a new way?  Looking for more passPastor Todd Buurstraion in your spiritual life?  As we have for the last several years, we will […]

Sermon 12/16/2007

God’s Advent Song: Good Christian Friends, Rejoice! Psalm 146:5-10 Pastor Todd Buurstra

Last Sunday between the time our Chancel Choir left the sanctuary from their practice for tonight’s concert, and the youth groups came to […]

Sermon 12/2/2007

God’s Advent Song of National Hope Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19

Pastor Todd Buurstra