"My giving to God is part of my worship for Him, and it provides for some of the spiritual and physical needs of others as I think Christ wants done."
~ Tom V.


The North Branch Church seeks to be generous because our God has been very, very generous to us over the last 190 years. We are in awe how God always outgives us. Your generosity supports the mission and ministry of the North Branch church both locally and globally.

As North Branch teams build our church's budget plans for the future, you can also be considering your giving plans for 2023 to support the mission of the North Branch Reformed Church. Your future generosity will enable church efforts like this to continue and grow to support North Branch's mission of lifting up the poor and poor in spirit in Bridgewater and beyond, as "the church that serves."

You can grow as a contributor, rather than just a consumer, by using the online options below.

Regular Offerings

Make a one time or recurring monthly payment toward your annual commitment to the North Branch Reformed Church.

Monthly Mission Offering

September: Compassion International and Church World Service.

Herb and Ray "Pillars" Capital Endowment Campaign

This is a permanent, sustainable endowment where the investment gains will fund capital projects, ensuring that the North Branch Reformed Church can continue to serve God and our community for years to come. Learn more.

Or Mail In a Check

North Branch Reformed Church
203 Route 28
Bridgewater, NJ 08807.

If you have any questions, please e-mail ooffiice@nnbrcc.coom or call (908) 725-2313.