"Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand."
~ Ezra (1 Chronicles 29:14)

The Herb and Ray "Pillars" Capital Endowment Campaign

Nine generations have been built upon the pillars of North Branch Church, with each generation firmly grounded in the foundations of faith and vision established before them.

Our vision is to establish a permanent, sustainable endowment where the investment gains will fund capital projects, ensuring that North Branch Reformed Church can continue to serve God and our community for years to come.

Much like our current Ethel Keinz Endowment provides additional funds for missions, community and other people care services, so too will the Herb and Ray Endowment provide additional funds for maintaining our buildings, grounds and other church facilities.

Ray Bateman

Ray Bateman became a member of North Branch Reformed Church when he moved with his family to Branchburg in the 1950's.

Ray was a devoted public servant, serving in many capacities, including state senator, chairman of the Raritan Valley Community College Board of Trustees, and as both elder and deacon of North Branch.

Ray's greatest passion was his family, many of whom continue to be North branch members. Ray remained an active member of the church until his passing in 2016 at the age of 88.

Herb Vollers

Herb Vollers lived his life by putting others before self, and by doing so became a pillar of the North Branch Reformed Church and our community.

As a member of North Branch, a founding and life member of the Branchburg Rescue Squad, past Chief and life member of the North Branch Fire Department, a Trustee of Midland School and Somerset Medical Center and many other church, local and county committees, he served long hours, always with a steadfast will to help others.

He was a loving husband and father to four children who led by example. A true one of a kind person!

Vollers Foundation and Ray Bateman Estate Matching

To honor the memory of Herb Vollers and Ray Bateman, and to recognize that Herb and Ray were pillars in our church and community, the Vollers and Bateman families have generously offered to match your contribution to the endowment (up to a total of $100,000).

Please prayerfully consider making a contribution to the Herb and Ray Pillars Capital Endowment.

The entire amount of your contribution will be conservatively invested in a permanent sustainable endowment fund managed by a professional financial advisor.

Investment gains from the endowment will be used exclusively to fund future capital projects needed to maintain or improve our church facilities.

Herb and Ray Pillars Endowment Campaign Brochure